Walking and hiking

The possibilities in our hiking paradise are unlimited, there are paths and routes for every level or type of walker and the views are breathtaking. Whether you want to walk quietly to a picturesque village or hike firmly to one of the mountain tops? It is all possible here!

Caracoi Cimai is the starting point of many beautiful walks, so you can descend quietly to Rocca Pietore and walk along the water to the beautiful gorge Serrai di Sottoguda, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. You could also choose to put on sturdy mountain boots and make a hike to the top of Sasso Bianco. This summit at 2407m offers a beautiful view of the surroundings and the Dolomites. Also worth a visit is the mountain village of Bramezza, an old abandoned village with a beautiful view of the Civetta. If you walk to Alleghe you can stroll around in the cozy streets, spend an afternoon on the beach, swim in the lake or rent a boat. These walks are both &; in winter as in summer possible, if there is snow, snowshoes are of course recommended.

If you are willing to take the car, the walking possibilities are even greater. Most important ski lifts are open during the summer season and take you to places that you would never otherwise have reached. So you can take the lift from Malga Ciapela (15min) to the highest point of the dolomites on the Marmolada (3 343m). The Sass Pordoi takes you back to the top of the Sella Ronda where you can take a number of beautiful walks.

There are plenty of Rifugios for the real hikers who enjoy multi-day hikes high up in the mountains. It is best to reserve this in advance. Our B&B is located between Alta Via 1 and Alta Via 2. These well-known hiking trails go from north to south, right through the Dolomites and were used during the war and as trade routes. So it is perfectly possible to take a part of this beautiful route with you when you stay with us.

Because it is not easy to decide which walks suit you best in terms of difficulty and length, we would like to inform you as much as possible. You can always contact us with any problems or questions during the tours. And if we have the time, we are certainly willing to take a walk!

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