No other mountain range in the Alps is as spectacular to drive on as the Dolomites! With impressive climbs, descents and thousands of kilometers of trails with breathtaking views, the Dolomites are a paradise for mountain bikers!

Mountain biking in the Dolomites is for everyone. The trained specialists can choose to ignore the ski lifts and do both the climbs and descents completely on their own. If your condition is slightly less, you can also choose to take your bike with you on the ski lift and enjoy the beautiful downhill runs!

You can bring your own bicycle and store it securely. Or you can rent a mountain bike in Alleghe. You could also opt for an electric bike, which makes some trips a little easier.

The most spectacular tour for mountain bikers is and remains of course the Sella Ronda. The same tour as during skiing, you can do this tour both clockwise and counterclockwise. The distance is +/- 55km with approximately 4000 altitude meters. You can of course choose to do the climbs with the lift, although the diehards refuse to take the lifts.

Outside of the Sella Ronda you can find paths on practically every mountain in the neighborhood that are perfect for a fun mountain bike ride!

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